Below are links to webinars that address the specific changes to the RCP.

In order to strengthen the RCP and gain Coast Guard approval as a TSMS under the forthcoming Subchapter M regulations, the RCP was updated to include Risk Assessment procedures. The goal of these procedures is to systematically assess and manage identified risks to onboard personnel, vessels, and the environment. This webinar will explain in detail what elements will be required in Risk Assessment procedures for RCP compliance and how you can implement a program.

The revised RCP includes additional requirements for an internal auditing program, including frequency, specific items to include and training and qualifications for internal auditors.

Additional requirements in the RCP related to Near-miss Reporting, Lessons Learned and Corrective Action procedures will be explained and discussed. This will include the specific elements required to have a compliant procedure in place and discussion of best practices.

  •  Identification of Critical or Essential Equipment/Systems (slides for download)

In order to fulfill new RCP requirements, members must have procedures to identify critical equipment or systems. The webinar will include guidance on how to identify such equipment and related processes.

Revisions to the RCP include additional detail on a document control program and designation of organizational authority. In addition, tracking of spills to water has been added to the existing performance measurement requirements. These changes will be addressed together in one webinar.