Safety Leadership

Safety Statistics Reporting Program

The AWO Safety Statistics Reporting Program enables companies to confidentially report man-hours, fatalities, falls overboard, recordable and lost time injuries, and spills to water for vessels in the coastal and coastal harbor, inland, and inland fleeting sectors through a user-friendly web interface. Statistics are reported quarterly and company-specific data is strictly confidential.
The goal of the Safety Statistics Reporting Program is continuous improvement. Since it began, members say they have found the program provides a valuable and simple method to track their safety statistics, as required by the Responsible Carrier Program. In addition, the program offers an option that allows companies to input safety data that existed prior to the launch of the AWO Safety Statistics Reporting Program.
­­­­­­­­­­­AWO strongly encourages all carrier members to participate. Over the past year, the number of members participating in AWO’s Safety Statistics Reporting Program has increased steadily. The Task Force on the Future of AWO Safety Leadership and the Board of Directors have established the goal of 100 percent carrier member participation in the Safety Statistics Reporting Program.

Program Information:

Brian S. Bailey, Director - Safety & Environmental Stewardship
(703) 841-9300, ext. 252

Allen Blevins
Salix Data
(513) 772-8484