Apr 4

AWO Letter - April 3

Read about the Coast Guard's final rule raising monetary thresholds for marine casualty reporting, the Towing Safety Advisory Committee's recent acceptance of three subcommittee reports, and other news in this edition of the AWO Letter.
Mar 23
In The News

AWO Featured in Washington Times Infrastructure 2018 Special Report

AWO President & CEO Tom Allegretti recently authored an op-ed that was featured in the Washington Times Infrastructure 2018 special report, in which he discussed the need to pass the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act. The special report also featured op-ed contributions from Trump Administration officials, Members of Congress and private sector industry leaders.
Read Mr. Allegretti’s op-ed here.
Mar 21

AWO Letter - March 20

Read about newly revised Coast Guard policy on TSMS certificate issuance, recent testimony in support of the Jones Act on Capitol Hill, and other news in this edition of the AWO Letter.