Coast Guard Extends AWO APC for Emergency Towing on Western Rivers

The Coast Guard has extended the AWO Emergency Towing Alternative Planning Criterion through January 31, 2024. The AWO APC allows AWO members operating tank barges and towing vessels over 400 GRT on the rivers of the Eighth and Ninth Coast Guard districts to meet the emergency towing provisions of the Coast Guard’s vessel response plan requirements by committing to request and provide mutual assistance when needed. Companies using the AWO APC must keep a copy of the Coast Guard’s extension letter with their VRP.
The Coast Guard is in the process of updating guidance for requesting and approving alternative planning criteria and, until new guidance is published, is providing extensions for all APCs, including AWO's. AWO will continue to work with the Coast Guard to ensure the sustainability of the industry’s successful mutual assistance approach. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email Caitlyn Stewart.