Safety & Environmental Stewardship

Fatigue Risk Management

Since 1999, the U.S. Coast Guard and AWO have worked together to promote crew alertness in the 24-hour-a-day environment of the tugboat, towboat, and barge industry. Since that time, the Coast Guard and AWO have collaborated in the development and roll-out of the Crew Alertness Campaign and Stay Alert for Safety brochure, conducted research into CEMS application, and worked together to educate AWO member companies on CEMS principles. More than 130 organizations now have trained CEMS coaches on staff and over 1600 coaches have been certified throughout the United States and internationally. AWO is also sponsoring groundbreaking research aimed at better understanding the sleep habits of towing vessel crew members and promoting best practices to prevent crew fatigue and promote crew endurance.

In October 2018, AWO released a new safety resource:  Developing a Fatigue Risk Management Plan: A Guide for Towing Vessel Operators. The guide, produced under the leadership of AWO's Fatigue Risk Management Working Group, is the latest milestone in AWO's two-decade effort to reduce the risk of fatigue-related accidents in the towing industry, working in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard, the National Transportation Safety Board, and internationally renowned sleep experts.