Alternative Security Program

The AWO Alternative Security Program, or AWO ASP, was the first alternative security program to be approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. AWO member companies may use the AWO ASP to satisfy Coast Guard regulatory requirements for vessel security plans. The program, which is designated Sensitive Security Information (SSI), is password-protected and may only be accessed by AWO members.

The AWO ASP was developed by industry experts based on a comprehensive assessment of industry security vulnerabilities. The program includes requirements for Company and Vessel Security Officers to oversee security compliance on a corporate and vessel basis, and includes specific provisions regarding:

  • Personnel training;
  • Security drills and exercises;
  • Security record keeping and the protection of Sensitive Security Information;
  • Changes in the prevailing Coast Guard-established Maritime Security (MARSEC) Level;
  • Procedures for interfacing with facilities and other vessels;
  • Declaration of Security requirements;
  • Security systems and equipment maintenance;
  • Security measures for access control;
  • Security measures for restricted areas;
  • Security measures for cargo handling;
  • Security measures for delivery of vessel stores and fuel;
  • Security measures for monitoring;
  • Security incident procedures;
  • Security procedures for vessels temporarily out of service; and,- Security measures for dry cargo barges that carry ammonium nitrate.

The AWO ASP also requires annual audits to ensure continuing compliance with the plan requirements.