Pandemic Information & Resources for the Towing Industry

Your AWO staff is committed to providing resources for you as your companies, our industry and our country navigate the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. This means ensuring you have access to critical health and safety information and official government and public health guidance to enable informed decision making as the COVID-19 outbreak rapidly progresses and evolves. The resources linked on this webpage can help you take steps to protect vessel crewmembers and other employees from COVID-19 and respond to suspected cases of COVID-19 as you work to move maritime commerce safely and steadily in support of our national economy.
AWO Resources
  • NEW: Sample protocols and procedures for cleaning and decontamination post-disembarkation of vessel by a suspected COVID-19 crewmember.
  • NEW: Sample protocols and procedures for the planned assessment, actions, and reporting for a suspected COVID-19 crewmember illness.
  • template letter to identify marine towing employees as essential critical infrastructure personnel – pursuant to DHS Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s Memorandum of Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers during COVID-19 Response – which can be reproduced on company letterhead.
  • template letter that can be used to provide state or local government officials with the information provided by the Department of Homeland Security in the CISA memo, which can be reproduced on company letterhead.
  • Click here for the RCP Standards Board memorandum regarding internal audit extension requests due to COVID-19.
  • Click here to view a recording of AWO’s 03/19/2020 webinar, Addressing COVID-19: Preparedness Planning in Action!
  • Click here for AWO’s updated COVID-19 Contingency Planning Guide for Towing Vessel and Barge Operators, Version 2.0.
  • Click here for a short video message from AWO President & CEO Jennifer Carpenter discussing AWO’s ongoing efforts in greater detail.
Official Government and Public Health Guidance
Other Maritime Industry Resources
Other Resources for Businesses
This page will be updated as new information becomes available. If you see out-of-date information or wish to see additional resources added to this webpage, please email