Jan 19

AWO Letter - January 19, 2017

Want to know which new TPOs have been approved by the Coast Guard to perform RCP audits? Need to learn what is on the NTSB's Most Wanted Safety Improvements list? Read about these issues and more in the AWO Letter.
Nov 23
In The News

RCP Accepted by USCG as Existing Safety Management System Under Subchapter M

On November 21 the U.S. Coast Guard formally accepted the AWO Responsible Carrier Program as an existing Safety Management System that complies with the requirements of Subchapter M. In a letter conveying the acceptance, RADM Paul Thomas, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, wrote, “This is a significant milestone in the implementation of Subchapter M and . . . your staff and your members are to be commended on this remarkable achievement. This is an important first step in instilling a culture of safety across the towing industry.”