Virtual Summer of Safety 2020


In keeping with our commitment to member health and safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, AWO did not host an in-person Summer Safety Committees’ meeting in August 2020.

Instead, AWO launched Virtual Summer of Safety which featured engaging conversations with key maritime industry government partners and cutting-edge educational webinars on a range of timely safety topics.


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Past Webinars


Wednesday, June 10
A Conversation with RDML Richard Timme
AWO hosted “A Conversation with RDML Richard Timme” on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, moderated by AWO President & CEO Jennifer Carpenter. During the conversation RDML Timme discussed COVID-19 response, Subchapter M implementation and enforcement, regulatory reform initiatives, and marine safety and security trends. This event was not recorded.  
Tuesday, June 16
Addressing COVID-19: Returning to the Office
  • Bill Collins, Tidewater Transportation and Terminals
  • Ron Zornes, Canal Barge Company
  • Jeff Slesinger, Delphi Maritime, LLC
  • Matt Mowrer, American Bureau of Shipping

AWO hosted the “Addressing COVID-19: Returning to the Office” webinar on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. The webinar featured expert safety insights from representatives of Tidewater Transportation and Terminals, Canal Barge Company, Delphi Maritime, and the American Bureau of Shipping discussing their specific return to the office scenarios and the ongoing planning to protect the health and safety of shoreside employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wednesday, June 24
A Conversation with NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt

AWO hosted “A Conversation with NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt” on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 moderated by AWO President & CEO Jennifer Carpenter. During the conversation, Chairman Sumwalt shared information about the National Transportation Safety Board’s role and responsibilities. He also offered observations about safety trends in marine transportation and lessons learned from his work with other modes of transportation that translate to the towing industry.

Wednesday, July 8
But I Don't Want to Wear My Face Mask with Sharon Lipinski
AWO hosted Sharon Lipinski, CEO of Habit Mastery Consulting, who presented “But I Don’t Want to Wear My Face Mask” on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. A part of the “Addressing COVID-19” webinar series, this presentation was designed to assist companies struggling to maintain and enforce their new COVID-19 safety regimen in the workplace. Sharon shared six reasons employees resist COVID-19 safety guidelines, three tactics that make situations like these worse, and three steps companies can take to get employees to comply with COVID-19 safety procedures.
Wednesday, July 22
Dealing with Extreme Heat and Hot Environments featuring Travis Hanebrink
Presented by the AWO Tankering & Barge Operations Subcommittee
AWO hosted, “Dealing with Extreme Heat and Hot Environments” on Wednesday July 22, 2020. During the presentation and subsequent panel discussion, Travis Hanebrink, Safety Services Project Manager at CTEH, as well as members of the AWO Tankering & Barge Operations Subcommittee, provided expert and practicable advice and insights to companies preparing and implementing hot weather plans to mitigate environmental contributions to heat-related illness and keep workers safe as temperatures start to soar
Wednesday, July 28
Sharing is Caring – Industry Safety Leaders Present Lessons Learned & Best Practices

AWO’s Safety Leadership Advisory Panel presented the “grab bag” webinar “Sharing is Caring – Industry Safety Leaders Present Lessons Learned and Best Practices” on Wednesday, July 28, 2020. It featured Mark Sawyer of Marathon Petroleum sharing safety best practices; Jo Ann Salyers of Salyers Solutions presenting lessons learned; and, Chaplains Bernadette St. Amand and Tom Rhoades of The Seamen's Church Institute, along with ACBL’s Ludy Brinck, discussing SCI’s COVID-19 crisis and stress mitigation resources and efforts to preserve industry mental health and resiliency.

Tuesday, August 18
Closing the Gap in Hazard Recognition Competency with Michael Fleming
AWO hosted “Closing the Gap in Hazard Recognition Competency” with Michael Fleming of Decision Point Associates, Inc. on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. His presentation identified building blocks proven to close the hazard recognition competency gap at all levels of an organization or company and discussed leadership’s role in ensuring dependably safe work.
Tuesday, September 1

What Makes a Successful Falls Overboard Prevention Program?
Watch this webinar

AWO hosted “What Makes a Successful Falls Overboard Prevention Program?” with Eric Fetty of Marathon Petroleum Company on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. His presentation focused on Marathon’s falls overboard prevention program, which has helped drive down that company’s falls overboard to zero since its introduction in 2012. He discussed how other companies can develop company-specific prevention strategies, engage employees in hands-on training, and how to identify and mitigate human factors that play a role in falls overboard incidents.



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