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AWO Safety Statistics Reporting Program Manual - SSRP

AWO Safety and Statistics Reporting Program (SSRP) Manual is available on the SSRP portal website: starting on April 1, 2024.  
This Manual is designed to aid AWO members in understanding the program criteria and process for data entry into the SSRP. It includes definitions for terms used in the SSRP, including: 
  • Sectors,
  • Crew Hours,
  • Crew Fatalities,
  • Recordable Injuries,
  • Lost Time Injuries,
  • Falls Overboard,
  • Spills, and
  • Severity Levels for Lost Time Incidents.
The manual also provides step-by-step instructions for data entry, covering both how to enter current data and how to edit past submissions, including how to correct erroneous submissions.
In addition, the manual instructs how members can create and download products from the SSRP, including:
  • Directions for creating custom comparisons of member data
  • Directions for viewing trends in member data
  • Directions for viewing the Association's recordable and lost time injury rates and severity trends.
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March 25, 2024