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AWO Near Miss: Reduction Gear Cooling Water Pump Failure

Reduction Gear Cooling Water unexpectedly de-energized causing a rise in lubricating oil temperature. The rise in temperature was noticed very quickly by the sharp-eyed assistant engineer who identified it well before the temperature hit its alarm set-point. The pump was restarted without issue. The Wheelhouse was notified, and the Chief Engineer and Captain were awoken. The Chief called the Wheelhouse and asked for the engine to be taken out of gear. The Chief and the Assistant then began to inspect and verify that the reduction gear was still getting proper lubricating flow and pressures. After this was confirmed, the engine was sped back up to sea speed without issue. At next port, the connections were all checked inside the pump’s motor controller box and the stop button contactor replaced as a precautionary measure as the issue could not be replicated.


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May 24, 2024