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AWO Near Miss 23-18 – New Crew Member Stands in Bight of Mooring Line

While tying up at a terminal, an inexperienced 3rd mate in training was standing in the bight of a line prior to sending the mooring lines to the dock. The Chief Mate and Tankerman noticed his poor placement in relation to the lines.
Stop work authority was used promptly and mooring operations were safely suspended. The barge was being held alongside the dock with two large tractor tugs and the weather was favorable when the captain was notified of near miss and stop work. He instructed the crew to conduct a safety meeting prior to returning to work. The deck personnel held a meeting about staying clear of working lines. Following, the crew used the opportunity to train the 3rd mate on how to conduct safe mooring operations. 
A JSA was reviewed and updated to include discussion about safety near working lines after mooring.
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December 13, 2023