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2021 AWO SSRP Annual Report

In conjunction with software developer SALIX Data, AWO launched the Safety Statistics Reporting Program (SSRP) in 2015 as an association-wide reporting and tracking program for industry safety statistics. Conceived with the idea that it is impossible for the industry to improve what it does not measure, the resulting program is designed for simple, confidential tracking of a small set of vessel- and mariner-related safety data. By participating in the SSRP, members have access to a valuable benefit that allows the production of reports and tools to benchmark and compare their data against their sector and AWO’s membership overall. The reports include charts used to show trends in data over time and draw time comparisons of summarized data. For the first time since the SSRP’s creation over five years ago, AWO is publishing these charts for members’ review.
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March 3, 2021