RCP Standards Board Memos

What is the role of the RCP Standards Board?

The role of the RCP Standards Board is to make recommendations to the AWO Board of Directors on changes to the RCP, the audit process, oversight of AWO-recognized third party organizations, and applications from organizations seeking to become AWO-recognized third party organizations. Furthermore, the RCP Standards Board has the authority to issue clarifications and directives memoranda, as needed, to guide RCP interpretation by AWO-recognized third party organizations
What is the composition of the RCP Standards Board?
The Board must include one AWO member each representing the Coastal, Inland Liquid, and Inland Dry sectors, one member each representing the inland and coastal Harbor Services sector, and two shipper members, preferably one liquid and one dry cargo shipper. Standards Board membership is limited to AWO carrier members only. AWO’s Director – Safety & Environmental Stewardship serves ex officio, as a nonvoting member of the Standards Board.   
RCP Standards Board members are appointed by the AWO Board of Directors to three-year terms and may be reappointed for multiple terms. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, no more than three certified auditors engaged in private contractual RCP audits for hire may serve on the RCP Standards Board. Furthermore, any member of an AWO-recognized third party organization’s executive committee is prohibited from serving on the Standards Board.
What decisions are made by the RCP Standards Board?
The RCP Standards Board has the authority to issue Clarifications and Directives Memoranda, as needed, to guide RCP interpretation by AWO-recognized third party organizations. The AWO Safety & Environmental Stewardship Department is responsible for maintaining and archiving Standards Board Clarifications and Directives Memoranda, and issuing copies to affected parties.
Please see below for a listing of those documents:

May 3, 2018  U.S. Coast Guard Operational Enforcement Discretion

May 1, 2018  Alignment of RCP Audit Due Dates and Subchapter M Compliance Dates

December 6, 2017  10% RCP Vessel Audit Minimum Requirement in Place Until July 20, 2018

December 6, 2017  Policy for Non-RCP/ISM Code Safety Management Systems

May 23, 2017   ACC Agreement; Summer Meeting Notification; E-Mail, et al

April 28, 2017  Failure to conduct internal audits; Mid-period audit time period requirement and notification procedures, et al

April 4, 2017   10 percent Vessel Audit(s) RCP Requirement

January 17, 2017   Audit scheduling notifications; auditor qualifications and training equivalency; corrective action plans; major nonconformities; SMS review requirements; certain equipment issues, et al