RCP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does AWO still require carrier members to operate under a third-party audited safety management system?
Can I continue to use the RCP as my SMS if I so choose?
What TPOs can I use to audit my SMS?
I am using the TSMS option to comply with Subchapter M. Do I need to undergo separate audits for compliance with Subchapter M and AWO’s SMS membership requirement?
How do I provide my TSMS Certificate to AWO and verify its continued validity?
If I am using the Coast Guard option for the purposes of Subchapter M, how do I maintain my status as a Responsible Carrier?
I see that AWO has eliminated the requirement for annual provisional audits for new members. If I am a new member in the process of completing provisional audits, do I need to continue?
Will I still receive an RCP Certificate of Compliance from AWO every five years?
If I am an RCP-certified affiliate member (for example, a tankering service provider), how will these changes affect me?
Will AWO continue to remind me when I have an audit due?