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Nov 5
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Wellness Webinar Now Available Online!

Employee health and well-being are becoming increasingly fundamental to operating a sustainable and safe business. AWO’s October webinar focused on further developing the concept that a healthy worker is a productive worker.

The webinar, Wellness: The Next Evolution in Our Safety Systems, featired insights from Emily Reiblein, Operations Integrity Manager, Crowley Maritime Corporation, and can be viewed here.

Oct 21

AWO Letter - October 10

Read about AWO’s keynote address at the MITAGS Subchapter M conference, the Senate Appropriations Committee supporting robust Jones Act enforcement and more in this edition of the AWO Letter
Oct 2
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Situational Awareness Webinar Now Available Online!

Loss of situational awareness has been cited as the cause of numerous accidents in the maritime industry and can result from a variety of factors, including fatigue, miscommunication, use of medications or illegal substances, social stress and more. Anything that is a distraction to a crewmember can diminish situational awareness.