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Oct 6
Op Ed

Save our ships

In Wednesday’s debate, President Obama told the nation that he wants to stop sending jobs overseas. Funny: His administration has repeatedly circumvented a long-standing law that guarantees the employment of American maritime workers, in order to give the job to foreigners.

Feb 1
Press Release

Great Lakes, Mississippi River Separation Threatens Jobs and Commerce, AWO Says

The American Waterways Operators strongly believes that effecting permanent physical separation between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River basins as advocated by the report released yesterday by the Great Lakes Commission and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiatives is the wrong course of action for the thousands of people, from Illinois to Louisiana and beyond, who rely on the Chicago Area Waterways System for their livelihoods.


Three WorkBoat questions for Foss Maritime

Recently, WorkBoat technical editor Bruce Buls visited Foss Maritime's Rainier Shipyard on the Columbia River to get a look at the tug Campbell Foss as it undergoes conversion from traditional propulsion to hybrid technology. Buls got a chance to speak with VP Susan Hayman and project manager Rick McKenna about just what the conversion entails for this Dolphin-class tug, similar to the Carolyn Dorothy, which was purpose-built as a hybrid.


Three WorkBoat questions for Foss Maritime