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Feb 25

Safety Know-How: Helping Your Crewmembers Embrace and Understand Your TSMS

February 25, 2020
AWO held a webinar on latest examples, best practices and lessons learned from AWO members, and guidance from Third Party Organizations and the Coast Guard about ensuring crewmembers embrace and are familiar with their company’s Towing Safety Management System. The webinar featured insights from the Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance, the Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau, the American Bureau of Shipping, Ingram Barge Company and Dann Ocean Towing.
Nov 5

Wellness Webinar Now Available Online!

Employee health and well-being are becoming increasingly fundamental to operating a sustainable and safe business. AWO’s October webinar focused on further developing the concept that a healthy worker is a productive worker.

The webinar, Wellness: The Next Evolution in Our Safety Systems, featired insights from Emily Reiblein, Operations Integrity Manager, Crowley Maritime Corporation. 

Oct 2

Situational Awareness Webinar Now Available Online!

Loss of situational awareness has been cited as the cause of numerous accidents in the maritime industry and can result from a variety of factors, including fatigue, miscommunication, use of medications or illegal substances, social stress and more. Anything that is a distraction to a crewmember can diminish situational awareness.