Situational Awareness with Stephen Polk, Dan Price, and Casey Stubbs

Situational Awareness: Identify, Process & Understand

Loss of situational awareness has been cited as the cause of numerous accidents in the maritime industry and can result from a variety of factors, including fatigue, miscommunication, use of medications or illegal substances, social stress and more. Anything that is a distraction to a crewmember can diminish situational awareness.
Recently, AWO hosted a webinar entitled “Situational Awareness: Identify, Process & Understand,” featuring expert insights from Capt. Stephen Polk, Director, Maritime Education & Training, Seamen’s Church Institute; Capt. Dan Price, Operations Manager-Inland, Genesis Marine, LLC; and Casey Stubbs, Director, Safety/Compliance, Golding Barge Line, Inc. The presenters discussed ways to prevent loss of situational awareness as well as the policies, procedures and training their organizations are using to manage risk and preserve situational awareness. The panel also discussed how to determine if loss of situational awareness has occurred and the best ways to regain it.