The Golden State’s golden opportunity

“Go West young man, go West.”

These words by author Horace Greeley in the mid-1800s helped spur the American westward movement that ultimately created the state of California. Tomorrow marks National Maritime Day, and Greeley’s words resonate all the more strongly for the citizens of our maritime state as we embark upon the American Pacific century. We need only look West once more to find golden opportunities on our Pacific doorstep.

California’s gross domestic product last year was nearly two trillion dollars. Our state is the world’s 12th largest economy. California’s prosperity, and the economic recovery of our nation depend heavily upon trade — Asian trade — a condition that is likely to accelerate in the decades ahead. Eight of our top 10 global trading partners are in Asia, and — due to the immutable laws of geography — these crucial players in our economic destiny cannot be reached by train or truck. They can only be reached efficiently by sea. California’s position, astride sea lanes running East-West or North-South in the Pacific, has given coastal cities like Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Francisco a distinct financial advantage. Looking West — to the “Far East” — we will find incredible opportunity.

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