2019 Midwest & Ohio Valley Region Roundtables

The Midwest and Ohio Valley Regions Roundtables are being coordinated by AWO's Government Affairs Associate, Justin Lampert (jlampert@americanwaterways.com).  The roundtable events are designed to provide important updates on national, regional and safety issues while reducing time away from the office and providing a forum for open dialogue between AWO members and staff.  To further the efficiency and effectiveness of the roundtable gatherings for AWO members, most roundtables will have other events in conjunction with them, including Coast Guard luncheons, tugboat/towboat tours, and/or grassroots visits.  We encourage all our members to participate in a roundtable event near you!  These meetings are members only, and there is no cost to attend. 

To register for these events, please log in to the AWO website here and go to your Membership Dashboard page. Please contact Anne Fazzini (afazzini@americanwaterways.com) if you have any logistics questions or Caitlin Kidd (ckidd@americanwaterways.com) if you need assistance with registration..

St. Louis, MO Member Roundtable
(Midwest Region)
Thursday, August 22, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
American River Transportation Company Offices
3854 So. 1st St
St Louis, MO 63118
Thank you to ARTCo for hosting this roundtable!  This event will be followed by an AWO & U.S. Coast Guard Sector Luncheon.  A Sector Luncheon is an event in which AWO members meet with local U.S. Coast Guard to discuss community goings-on and to build relationships.  All AWO members are welcome to attend Sector Luncheons - an RSVP to Justin Lampert (jlampert@americanwaterways.com) is required to attend the Luncheon.
The St. Louis roundtable will be followed by a Congressional event for Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL). This Congressional event is open to all AWO members. There is a cost associated with attending; please contact jmanion@americanwaterways.com for more information.
This event will also be followed by a Congressional towboat tour. These tours provide a memorable, hands-on experience for lawmakers and staff and help educate them on the important work of our industry and its public policy priorities. More information will be shared as details are confirmed.