2017 Fall Convention & Board of Directors Meeting

Boston, MA
Join your fellow AWO members as we travel to Boston, MA for the annual Fall Convention and Board of Directors Meeting!  This two-day convention offers AWO members the chance to discuss industry and association issues, hear from key industry leaders, and network with fellow AWO members.  The Fall Convention is open to all AWO members; you must be an employee of an AWO member company to attend.
The Fall Convention agenda will include:
  • An update on AWO and the American Maritime Partnership’s efforts to defend the Jones Act.
  • A discussion of the elevation of AWO’s work to ensure the primacy of the federal government over the regulation of vessel operations.
  • A progress report on AWO’s effort to advance our priorities and reduce member burdens through the Trump Administration’s regulatory reform initiative.
  • A Subchapter M “Countdown to Compliance” discussion, including an update on AWO’s work to facilitate implementation and a review of upcoming milestones.
  • A conversation about AWO’s ideas for improving organizational communications with its member companies.
  • An opportunity to observe the governance of your organization firsthand during the Board of Directors meeting, which will feature a strategic dialogue on the evolving safety and environmental landscape post Subchapter M and its implications for AWO.
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