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Dec 31
Annual Report

AWO Annual Report

Want to learn more about the U.S. tugboat, towboat and barge industry and its importance to the nation? Read the 2016 Annual Report and review previous issues at this link.

Oct 23
Press Release

Nation’s Waterways Operators Praise Mississippi’s Sen. Roger Wicker as “Champion of Maritime”

The American Waterways Operators, a 350-member trade association representing the nation’s tugboat, towboat and barge industry, congratulates Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) upon his receipt of the American Maritime Partnership’s (AMP) 2012 Champion of Maritime award in honor of his years of leadership and diligence in supporting the nation’s maritime industry and its American workforce.

Oct 6
Op Ed

Save our ships

In Wednesday’s debate, President Obama told the nation that he wants to stop sending jobs overseas. Funny: His administration has repeatedly circumvented a long-standing law that guarantees the employment of American maritime workers, in order to give the job to foreigners.