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Jan 24

AWO Letter - January 23

Read about the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s request for comments on its proposed oil and gas leasing program for the Outer Continental Shelf, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ proposal to deepen the Elizabeth River, and other news in this edition of the AWO Letter.
Jan 17

Introducing "Navigating to Zero", AWO's Safety Newsletter - January 16

AWO’s strategic plan, Charting the Future, calls on the association to lead and support its members in continuously improving safety, security and environmental stewardship. To live that vision, AWO strives to create and advance a culture of safety, and not merely a culture of compliance. As we begin a New Year full of opportunities and challenges – including Subchapter M implementation this summer – AWO is launching a monthly e-newsletter, Navigating to Zero, to provide its members with a new resource on their safety journey.
Jan 10

AWO Letter - January 9

Read about Congress's extension of the Small Vessel Discharge Exemption, the Coast Guard's newly released guidance on Subchapter M vessel design verification, and other news in this edition of the AWO Letter.
Dec 21

AWO Letter - December 20

Read about the Coast Guard’s newly released policy letter on deficiency reporting for Subchapter M TSMS option vessels, recent news on the Jones Act, AWO’s comments on the Brandon Road Tentatively Selected Plan, and other news in this edition of the AWO Letter.